Review: A fully documented sample PRINCE2 project

ThePenProjectCover4I received from Frank Turley and Nadar K. Rad from Management Plaza their product: “A fully documented sample PRINCE2 project“. I was already earlier in the position to give comments on a draft version and if I now look at the result, I think this can definitely be of help for you to understand and to implement it in your organization.

For me this is a fantastic example of the building block philosophy I introduced in my book “PRINCE2 in practice”.

What you will get is a presentation/storybook which takes you by hand to look at a project scenario, and based on this scenario you will follow the project lifecycle and focus on the management products.

The scenario is about improving client relationship and reducing loss in client turnover by giving them a high quality promotional pen. The project is about this Pen.

Page by page you will follow the steps and the creation of the necessary management products.

sampleprojectsamplemapYou will get a navigation diagram showing where you are in the project life cycle (pre project, stage 1-Initiation, stage 2, stage 3 (final)) and the documents you have to create. On top of the diagram you get the processes. I would suggest including, in a next version, in which process you create what document.

Starting point is the project mandate. This contains at least the rationale and objective. This is the trigger for the project and can be anything. This will be used to start writing the Project product Description (example is given). At the end of pre-project you have seen examples and if needed additional explanation, of the Project Brief including underlying products like the Project Product Definition, the PMT, outline BC and the Initiation Stage Plan.

The following step, after Project Board approval, will be the Initiation stage. You start with the four Management strategy documents and an example for the Communication Management strategy is given. Than you need to get clarity on the full scope. A Product Breakdown Structure needs to be created. For me a little bit confusing how it is presented on the overview page. It looks like you will do this, at that moment for the Next Stage Plan. I would start with a PBS for the Project Plan and than a refinement for each Stage Plan during Managing a Stage Boundary.

At the end of this stage you have seen examples of the PID, including the underlying documents like the Management Strategies, Project Plan, Project Control, tailoring, BC, and Product descriptions. I would suggest showing here the updated PMT and Project Product description too. As a separate document the Benefits Review Plan is shown. I would show it a little bit later in the steps within this stage. Also the formal registers are introduced including an example of the Risk Register.

The next step will be the Managing a Stage boundary process activities. Here you will get examples of the Product Flow Diagram and the Stage Plan, including the Schedule.

During the next Stage, the first delivery stage, you get examples of a Work Package, Issue Register and Issue Report and the Highlight Report.

Again you will get the stage boundary activities including examples of the next Stage Plan, the Schedule and Product Flow Diagram. Also configuration management is introduced. I would suggest to position the Configuration Item Records together with the other Logs and Registers. Now it gives the impression that we will have a Configuration management register as well as Configuration Item Records. The End Stage Report is introduced as well as the Lessons Report. I would suggest including, as a separate document, the Lessons Report into the End Stage Report.

Than, we will go into the final delivery stage. Here we will get examples of the Quality Register, the Product Status Account, End Project Report and Lessons Report. Same remarks here as stated earlier, include the Lessons Report as a separate part of the End Stage Report. These documents will be created in the Closing the Project process (not shown). Finally I would suggest to make a remark of the Follow on action recommendations as part of the End Project Report otherwise you would have some potential open ends.

Conclusion: a great example with some minor improvement points, but this is for a next release (feedback from the authors: these comments will be taken into account as part of our next release in January 2014).

You can find the sample project on:

2 responses to “Review: A fully documented sample PRINCE2 project

  1. Management Plaza

    Hi Henny

    Man many many thanks for this review and thanks also for adding the last comment that we will update in January

    Regards Frank

    From: Henny Portman’s Blog Reply-To: Henny Portman’s Blog Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2013 13:25:07 +0000 To: Frank Turley Subject: [New post] Review: A fully documented sample PRINCE2 project hennyportman posted: “I received from frank Turley and Nadar K. Rad from Management Plaza their product: “A fully documented sample PRINCE2 project”. I was already earlier in the position to give comments on a draft version and if I now look at the result, I think this can def”

  2. Have a look at their PRINCE2 introduction video. See

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