Agile PM manual supporting tabs, a helping aid to pass your Agile PM practitioner exam

imageDia1I am happy to announce that as of now, Agile PM practitioner candidates can make use of a simple aid to quickly find your way in the official Agile PM (version 1.1) manual during e.g. your exam. These tabs (place marks) are developed in line with the successful tabs I developed for the PRINCE2 and MSP manuals. I am discussing with the Best Practices User Group if they want to be the publisher of this aid.

Please have a look and give me your comments or references you would like to include. If you want to use it right now you have to print it on a sticker A4 paper. To download: Agile PM Manual tabs 2012 v1.1

5 responses to “Agile PM manual supporting tabs, a helping aid to pass your Agile PM practitioner exam

  1. Dear Henny, that’s amazing! I didn’t realise there was such an official Agile guide. Looking forward to reading that! All the best, Melvin

  2. Nice job – btw. – just to let you know … As I look on AgilePM manual – Solution Prototype (page 157) is archived in Exploration phase … which leads to an issue on diagram, where whole Solution Foundations, based solely on diagram is archived in Deployment phase. Since Solution Prototype is part of Solution Foundations BUT has shorter life span across AgilePM project this information is not present on diagram.

  3. Thank you for producing this – it will be incredibly neater than my handwriting

  4. Dear Henny, thanks for the amazing job. However, there is a newer version of the book Agile Project Management Handbook v2 and the annotations do not match to this book. Do you have also a updated version for the new edition?

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