Book review: PRINCE2 Themes, a small eBook from Simon Buehring

prince2-themes-ebook-image-for-downloadI just received a small eBook from Simon Buehring (Knowledge train) explaining the PRINCE2 Themes. It’s in line with their other ebook regarding the PRINCE2 Principles. Of course you can find many PRINCE2 books and articles explaining these PRINCE2 Themes but the power of this eBook is the use of seven graphical mind-maps each showing one of the PRINCE2 Themes. And again, the proof, that a picture says more than a thousand words becomes reality. As stated, this is a little bit more than a picture; it contains text too, but definitely worthwhile reading.

I would suggest that in a next version, some more effort would be put in the Configuration Management topic as part of the Change Theme. Many candidates have problems to understand this part. What are configuration items, how many will you need, what’s the purpose of a configuration Item Record?

In my blog post about their Principles eBook I suggested that Knowledge train would create mind-maps for themes, and processes too. Now we have the Themes too, the Processes must come as well and than foundation candidates will have, with only the mind-maps and no additional text, a nice summary to prepare themselves for the exam.

Please find attached the eBook prince2-themes-ebook or visit

See for my blog post on the Principles part: eBook Principles.

2 responses to “Book review: PRINCE2 Themes, a small eBook from Simon Buehring

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  2. Hi Henny

    I’m so glad you think that the e-book will be useful for students. I will certainly include your suggestion to add more about configuration management in the next version. The 3rd e-book in the series (Processes) should be out in November.

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