How to give a constructive criticism sandwich

how-to-give-a-constructive-criticism-sandwich-infographichow-to-give-a-constructive-criticism-sandwich-infographic-versionConstructive criticism – Is the sandwich technique really the way to go?

Many of my posts are related to standards, processes, methodologies etc. To be successful as a project manager you need to have other competencies too. Are you able to motivate your team, to solve conflicts, to negotiate and to get the most out of your team by giving constructive feedback. I just received an article from Alison Wood. She works as the Communications Manager and graphic designer for Knowledge Train ( , a London based project management training provider.

“As a manager, giving constructive criticism is an essential driver to reaching maximum potential for the business.Some employees will require it more than others and some will need extra support, every employee is different and getting to know how each one operates is key if you are going to support their personal improvements.”

Have a look at the complete article or click on the short or long infographic and share your thoughts how this can help you in being more successful. Article: Constructive criticism

3 responses to “How to give a constructive criticism sandwich

  1. Thanks Henny! Illuminating and clear

  2. Thanks for publishing!

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