PRINCE2 in pictures 3

As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. This was the starting point for a couple of blog posts. I just came across some new PRINCE2 related QRCs from Pro optimize (

In two previous blogs I described the following PRINCE2 quick references cards:

Pro-optimize offers the following QRC’s:

  • Product Breakdown Structure of the PRINCE2 Management Products (€15,-)
  • Quick Reference Card for Project Board members (€5,-)
  • Quick Reference Card for Project Managers (€5,-)
  • Quick Reference Card for Team Managers (€5,-)
  • Post-Its for Product Based Planning (€29,90, for 10×100)
  • Name tags for authorizing initiation (different ones for Executive, senior user and senior supplier) For free

The QRC’s for delivering (Team Manager), Directing (Project Board members) and Managing (Project Manager) gives you a double-sided A4 (or triple fold) card with a lot of text. I am not arguing the content but I would like to see more pictures. The cards describe the roles and responsibilities and the major tasks within the project life cycle.

pbsThe Product Breakdown Structure of the PRINCE2 Management Products is what I call a picture. It gives all Management Products you have to create during a specific stage. I miss the Project Product Description as part of the PID and Product descriptions are also lacking. I would say that you could go further with presenting Management products and processes. If you look at my PRINCE2 Product model (as part of my PRINCE2 Quick Reference Card) you get a complete picture where which product has been created and where it will be updated or used. Besides the QRC you will also receive the breakdown in a spreadsheet or Microsoft Project format.

nametagsThere are also three nametags to be used for the Project Board members when the meeting has to authorize initiation. One the front side you can write your name and on the backside you can read your own focus points and some collective roles and responsibilities for the Project Board as a whole. I nice idea to give those name tags an extra function.

Finally you could also buy post-its to be used in workshops where you are going to define the Product Breakdown Structure. It will help you, in an effective and pragmatic way, to collect some basis product information (e.g. product name, purpose, composition and quality criteria.

If you want to spend the money is up to you. Personally I think it’s a lot of money for the QRCs, especially if you look what other (free) PRINCE2 QRCs or PRINCE2 Apps are offering. The nametags are a great idea and these are for free. Also if you run scoping workshops the Post-Its can be of help but are rather expensive.

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