Book review: Business driven PMO success stories by Mark Price Perry

business_driven_pmo_success_storiesMark Price Perry wrote his third book in the Business Driven PMO book series. This book ‘Business Driven PMO Success Stories: Across industries and around the world describes how result-oriented PMOs can have profound effects on organizations of any size. I was lucky to be one of the contributing authors.

The book is divided into two parts. In the first part Mark gives some valuable insights and techniques for business driven PMO’s. He starts with a first section about the PMO mandate by explaining why PMOs fail, looking at PMO survey findings, mind-set, a case study of a PMO failure and ends with some techniques to establish a PMO mandate. The next section is about PMO business acumen. How can we make good judgments and quick decisions looking at the project, the portfolio, the dashboard, the methodology and the maturity? The last chapter in part 1 focuses on the future of the PMO domain and PMO manager career paths.

The second part contains 27 success stories written by and with over two dozen contributing authors from the worldwide project management and PMO community. A must have if you are responsible for a PMO or got the assignment to set up one. You will get many best practices and cases you can benefit from. You get several roadmaps to establish a PMO, organizational structures, benefits, value, pitfalls, and key takeaways.

Dia1Unnecessary to say but the other two books from Mark are worthwhile reading too:

  • Business driven PMO setup: Practical insights, techniques and case examples for ensuring success (2009)
  • Business driven portfolio management: Conquering the top 10 risks that threaten success (2011)

To download the info-graphic: Business driven PMO success stories info-graphic

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