MoP Quick Reference Card

Many organizations are struggling with their project portfolio. The number of projects is increasing, there are continuously new surprises, overview of projects is lacking, several pet projects exists, the one who called the loudest, gets the priority, required resource insight is missing and we know what we spent, but don’t know what we get.

If you recognize this it’s probably time to get some structure in place. MoP, part of the Best Management Practice portfolio from the Cabinet Office, focuses on an organization’s collection of change initiatives and is based on tried and tested principles, practices and techniques that together help organization’s deliver their transformation agenda and realize strategic objectives.


The portfolio management model contains the five principles, the portfolio definition and portfolio delivery cycles and practices needed to effectively define and deliver the portfolio.

I created a MoP quick reference card to become familiar at a glance with this model. Have a look and please share your comments, remarks, improvements etc. To download: MoP (one pager, 140331)v0.3


3 responses to “MoP Quick Reference Card

  1. Henny,

    We at EarthPM have been writing about PM and Sustainability for years. We are proud to have won the PMI’s Cleland Award for Literature in 2011 with our book, Green Project Management.

    You did a great job on this diagram – and even the best can get better. We would suggest that “better” in this case would illustrate the critical connection that PMs have between strategy and operations.

    Please see this blog post:

    It is here that we noticed the role – the critical one – that PMs have between the very ‘top-level’ thinkers and the day-to-day operations. Note that “Projects, Programs, and Portfolios provide the only ‘connective tissue’ between all of the high-flying ideas/mission/vision/values and the humdrum day-to-day operations.

    We would be glad to collaborate with you to add to this diagram or create a new one that shows not only how important project managers are to the process you diagram but how important that connection is to the aspect of sustainability.

    Please let us know how we can help.

    • Hi Rich, do you mean to make changes to this Management of Portfolio QRC or are you referring to the ISO 21500 or PMBoK QRCs?

  2. Peter Ballard

    I really like the QRC and suggest adding the important third question to the right things, things right dialogue; “are we realising the benefits?” Or the fourth question from the new Managing Benefits guidance; “are we doing these things well?” Both questions obviously span the definition and delivery cycles.

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