App review: Prince2Video from Rajiv Khanna

mzl.vpsxqqki.320x480-75I just came across Prince2Video, a new PRINCE2 related app available in the App Store from Rajiv Khanna. See also

See my other posts for the other PRINCE2 apps or select the app tag on my blog. The costs for this app are 8,99 Euro.

The app gives you seven videos, explaining:

  • PRINCE2 overview 1 (definitions and principles)
  • PRINCE2 overview 2 (processes)
  • The management products addressed in Starting up a Project
  • The management products addressed in Initiating a Project
  • The management products addressed in Controlling a Stage and Managing product delivery
  • The management products addressed in Managing a Stage Boundary
  • The management products addressed in Closing a Project

In total around 1,5 hour presentation. The first video is a welcome presentation from Rajiv Khanna, the others gives you a set of slides and the verbal explanation and comments by Rajiv. Every video ends with a written summary. In the videos Rajiv makes use of a reference card. He shows which and when management products are created, reviewed or updated in the specific process. Also the link between the management product and theme is highlighted. This simple QRC can be downloaded separately and gives you an overview of Principles, themes, processes and management products. See my other post about QRC’s.

I found the quality of the showed slides rather low and sometimes difficult to read. I also had problems with some videos. I managed to see the intro once and I couldn’t manage to see the processes video at all (‘Server is not responding now, please try later). No clue why you need the server?

Conclusion. If you just followed a PRINCE2 training class and if you want to get a complete overview you can use these 7 videos. If you are looking for a PRINCE2 reference app or mockup exam questions you have to look for another app, this app only gives you the videos.


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