PRINCE2 in pictures 2

My last blog was about PRINCE2 in pictures. I just came across a new one from Arantium. See

Arantium offers a free preview version:

  • 1 PRINCE2 process landscape
  • 2 PRINCE2 themes
  • 2 PRINCE2 management product descriptions
  • 1 PRINCE2 process EPC + I/O diagram

If I look at the most related diagram to my first blog on pictures, the PRINCE2 process landscape you get an overview of the 7 processes (without the 40 activities), the events between the processes, the management products (divided in baseline, record and report management products) and not given in the other reference cards the responsible roles in the process groups (management levels as described in the previous blog).

Some potential improvement points:

  • add the Team plan
  • add a Lessons Report as output from Closing a Project
  • add the Project Product Description as part of the PID
  • connect the Product Status Account to the Controlling a Stage process
  • Reports have output and input process relations, Records and Baseline Management Products are only shown as process outputs.

In the preview version you will also get two Theme models.

The business Case Theme model gives you the project life cycle, BC related processes and activities, including the roles and Management Products that are created or maintained. Specific BC events are given too.

The other theme, the Organization shows the PMT structure, including which role is responsible for which process within the different management levels.

Two Management Products, the PB and the PID are included as well. You will get the composition with sub products, the relation with the process, the activity and role that produces or reviews the document, and the processes that uses the document including activities and roles. You don’t see where sub products are created so for me the value of these kind of documents is questionable.

Finally you get one of the 7 processes, all activities, input and output management products and events with the other processes. Roles are not mentioned but theses roles are probably mentioned in the 40 PRINCE2 (detailed) activity EPC diagrams, but I haven’t seen them so I am not sure. I am also not in the position to judge if you will get value for money if you pay for those additional diagrams.

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