App review: PRINCE2 from etpsolutions ltd

This app provides you a simplified view of PRINCE2. It will cost you 0,79 euro. It starts with a sort of self-developed process flow showing hyperlinks towards the 7 processes and a hyperlink to the themes. The process picture is a little bit confusing. Controlling project stages and Product delivery are presented as a wheel (representing iterations) which is fine but the Managing a Stage Boundary process is positioned between Controlling project stages and Product delivery and that’s confusing. See the picture on the left side.

For every process you will get one or two pages of text explaining the main tasks, skills required and outputs (template outlines). Tailoring is explained too.

In the app store it’s explained that the focus of the application is to help Project Managers to manage their project and not to prepare them for the PRINCE2 exams. I fully agree. Some PRINCE2 language has been changed and that will be confusing for examination candidates. I also miss the explanation of the seven principles.

Conclusion: if you need a PRINCE2 quick reference card this is not the right app, if you are familiar with PRINCE2 and need an overview of template outlines and when to use them this app can be helpful.

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