App review: PRINCE2 Project Management

This PRINCE2 Project Management app provides you a quick reference guide to better understand PRINCE2, it’s history, Principles, Themes and Processes. It will cost you 6,99 euro.  In the history chapter it’s mentioned that the current PRINCE2 version, version 2009 made simpler and more easily customizable. It’s a pity that e.g. the principles are added but I am not sure that the author really understands the principles. E.g. the principle “Continued Business Justification” is described as follows: Business justification – Creation of a business case, or Tailored – Elements of PRINCE2 can be used no matter the size of a project. For the rest, the app is based on the old 2005 version of PRINCE2. The 8 components are shown as the themes, the process overview still shows the Planning (PL) process and the products are also the 2005 products!

A nice part is the Step through PRINCE2 video (but also based on the 2005 version).  It explains, step by step the stages, levels of management, the processes and the most important management products.

Conclusion, if you need a PRINCE2 quick reference card, this is not the right app to buy due to the fact that it’s based on the PRINCE2 2005 version.


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