App review: IIL P2 iCoach (PRINCE2 exam prep)

The IIL P2 iCoach gives you access to 375 questions categorized by the seven Themes and seven Processes of PRINCE2. You can select Study Mode for instant feedback or Exam Mode to simulate a PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

After answering 75 questions you get a score breakdown by thems and processes. Answers are provided along with references to the PRINCE2 manual.

The app (7,99 Euro) will definitely help you to study for the PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

When a next version will be released I would suggest to make the following changes:

  • Make it possible to change your answer before you go to the next question
  • Hit the Back button will bring you to the previous question instead of re-start the exam
  • Remove the area (process, theme) at the top of the question because this gives sometimes the answer already. E.g. in what PRINCE2 process is …. And the answer is in the upper left corner.

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