App review: QA PRINCE2 Learning Aid

Just reviewed the QA PRINCE2 Learning Aid app for your iPhone or iPad. It’s a comprehensive tool to support you in studying for the PRINCE2 exams. It covers Principles, Themes, Processes, Management Products, Techniques, Roles & Responsibilities and Tailoring PRINCE2. It also includes the health check, here called the checklist, and the complete Glossary. The text is directly coming from the Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 manual (including the corresponding chapter numbers). Principles are completely copied, for Themes the purpose chapter is copied including one important figure. For Processes all information like Purpose, Objective, Context and Activities (including hyperlinks to sub paragraphs about the individual activities) are copied.

A separate gallery offers 3 overviews. The Prince2 structure shows all Processes, Themes and Principles including hyperlinks. A chart shows all Process Activities with hyperlinks for each activity to the description, responsibilities and products. The last picture is the Project Lifecycle.

The final part is a test. You get 30 random questions on Foundation level. I found one question with a wrong answer (about the contract between PM and PB) and the rest is ok. You can redo the test and get, in most cases, new questions.

For me it’s amazing that this app is for free. You get a lot of information, some nice overviews and trial questions to prepare for an exam or just as reference material.

One response to “App review: QA PRINCE2 Learning Aid

  1. Thanks for the review Henny, we are aware of the incorrect question and it is being fixed and updated via the appstore.

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