iBook review: i2eye with PRINCE2

Just finished reading, or do I have to say, viewing or probably better to say listening to this two part iBook ‘i2eye with PRINCE2’ from Kenny Munck. This book is for me a great example how to make use of the strengths of a tablet in comparison with a simple book reader. As far as I know, but I am looking for other examples, this is unique. This iBook gives you an overview of all the details in PRINCE2. It follows the standard PRINCE2 manual with 10 separate chapters for tailoring, the themes and one for the processes. It combines illustrations, slides and video directly from the classroom and some downloads (e.g. A PRINCE2 process model). You will experience PRINCE2 in a new and much more fascinating way. You will get many PowerPoint slides from a PRINCE2 training and four hours of video from the training itself. These four hours of video are divided in 56 small videos related to the specific topics explained in the different paragraphs. These videos are parts of training class sessions including questions and comments from attendees.

Every chapter starts with a comic and you will find throughout the iBook and on the slides different figures for all PRINCE2 roles, like corporate or programme management, the project board, the team manager, the project support officer, the project assurance staff etc. On almost every page you will get some text, one or more slides and a video frame. You could select the slide you want to see and expand if you want. The same is applicable for the video and it’s possible to listen to the video and look at the slides.

Conclusion. In my opinion this iBook can be of good help when studying for the PRINCE2 foundation exam. You need to buy both books (25 euro in total). A need for a second print is for an iBook not necessary but I would suggest bringing a next version with some quality improvements. E.g. some paragraphs have text from a previous page and increase the amount of text a little bit.

See also: http://www.i2eyebooks.com/Home.html


One response to “iBook review: i2eye with PRINCE2

  1. Thanks for the review – it’s spot on. Our vision was to create an easy to access overview of PRINCE2 aimed at managers and participants in PRINCE2 projects – in short all who is interested in PRINCE2 but does not need the full qualification. You might be happy to know that we are actually right now working on an update to the current version (correcting the minor issues) as well as i2eye with Scrum, and on “Using Scrum and PRINCE2”. Plans for 2012 also includes i2eye with MSP planned for release later this year…

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