Review ABC of PM cards

In line with the ABC of ICT card deck, a new deck was developed by Mark Kouwenhoven, Paul Wilkinson and Douwe Brolsma of ABC@WORK to focus on project management specific Attitude, Behavior and Culture (ABC) aspects. It is the ABC aspects that will determine the success or failure of your project management and subsequently the success of your projects. Successfully addressing ABC will ensure: buy-in, commitment, involvement, ownership, self improvement, continual improvement and more importantly a project management organization that can realize business added value, with satisfied customers and employees.
The card deck contains 13 cards (clubs) about Attitude, 13 cards (diamonds) about Behavior, 13 cards (Spades) about Culture and 13 cards (hearts) about stakeholders.
Each card contains a cartoon and corresponding ‘worst practice’ example of attitude, behavior or culture. The aim is to confront people with ABC worst practices that they recognize within their own projects. The aim is to trigger the thinking process of players and open discussion and dialogue about ABC issues within projects in their organization. To help identify the relevance and impact and help prioritize and select improvement needs.
On each cards you can find a statement related to Attitude, Behavior or Culture. Some examples of the statements on the cards are:
– Three of clubs: Not enough commitment at Executive level (Attitude)
– Queen of Diamonds: The solution the customer sees isn’t the one that the project sees (behavior)
– Jack of Spades: Poor knowledge capturing, no lessons learned (culture)
The cards can be used to look at specific risks in your project or within your organization. e.g.:
– Gather a team of project managers around a table. Take the User or Sponsor stakeholder card from the deck and place it on the table. Split the team into 3 groups. One group will take the Attitude (clubs) cards, one group the Behavior (diamonds) cards and the last group the Culture (spades) cards. If we were to give these cards to the stakeholders on the table, which cards would they think represents your project? Discuss the findings.
– Imagine you give the customer the ABC cards, which three cards would he or she choose that most typically represent the ABC of PM worst practices in tour organization? Discuss the findings.
I had the pleasure to work together with Douwe Brolsma. After a presentation to explain attitude, behavior and culture of project management in relation to risk management, we asked a group of project managers from my organization to answer the following question: “which three cards would you choose that most typically represents the ABC of PM worst practices in our organization. Based on the discussion we ended with a list of best practices to be used in our projects. For me the ultimate prove that using these cards could definitely help you to address ABC issues in your organization.

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