Learning Map Project Management


I just received this learning map published by Neuland GmbH. It’s a poster (size 100 x 70 cm) explaining the basics of project management in English, and German on the other side. It uses the example that you are asked to lead a large, important ship expedition. The first topics on the map are related to define what’s a project and project management, than it follows with pictures and less text, the lifecycle of the journey (the project). The start before the start, Good planning is success, The journey is a reward in itself, Set sails and set course and finish with Safe arrival at the destination port. You will get some simple checklists and tips for successful management of projects. Some quotes, e.g. “He who wishes to build high towers must spend a long time on the foundations.” will be found too.

Of course it’s not an extensive explanation of project management but it can be easily use to explain the basics of project management to those who are not familiar with project management.


4 responses to “Learning Map Project Management

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  2. Hi Henny. It looks great but … tiny in the same time 🙂 I mean, can you share a version of higher resolution in order to be able to see the content.

  3. hennyportman

    I am sorry but this is the only picture I have. Maybe you can find more information on: http://www.neuland.com/DE/literatur-poster-spiele/lernlandkarten-2tperknlb76.html

  4. Fotis Panagiotou

    OK. Thank you very much for the info.
    Very interesting stuff.

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