Book review: Passing the PRINCE2 2009 Edition Foundation exam

This book ‘Passing the PRINCE2 2009 Edition Foundation exam’ from Bert Hedeman, Gabor Vis van Heemst and Steffi Triest is a study guide for those who want to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. It will also give you a basic understanding of the method, but if this understanding is the reason for buying I would suggest buying one of the other books from one of the authors. I was in the lucky situation to use a preliminary version of this book during one of my PRINCE2 training classes in Europe. All 20 candidates passed and I will leave it to their judgment if this was due to the trainer or this book. The book follows the structure and the Foundation level learning objectives as described in the APM Group PRINCE2 2009 – Syllabus V1.1.
All 15 Syllabus areas are covered starting with the overview and Principles, followed by the seven Themes and seven Processes.
For each syllabus area you get an overview with learning outcomes. What you will have to know, understand or do in order to demonstrate competency in that topic for each level of examination. The level is the classification of the learning outcome against APMG Learning Outcome Assessment Model. For Foundation this is level 1: knowledge or level 2: comprehension. And finally, a description of all related topics or aspects that a candidate has to master to demonstrate that a learning outcome has been achieved for the foundation level. 
For each syllabus area you will also get the related definitions, an introduction to the area, an explanation per topic and an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Theme or Process. The syllabus area chapter ends with a set of sample multiple-choice questions covering this area and with at least one question per topic. The book ends with a glossary of all related terms. In my opinion a good book if you just followed a PRINCE2 training class and you want to increase your chance to pass your PRINCE2 Foundation exam.

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