PRINCE2 in practice: Building block update

Due to several comments, adjustments, remarks and improvement proposals I updated several of the building blocks to create most of the PRINCE2 Management Products like the Project Brief, PID, Work Package, High Light, End Stage and End Project Report, as described in my books De praktische Prince2, Prince2 in Practice and added some new building blocks.
See also: PMO (PRINCE2 building blocks, 110601) v2.0. I am looking forward to your reactions, experience, new comments, new ideas.

6 responses to “PRINCE2 in practice: Building block update

  1. Henny, Thanks for the building blocks in ppt format. I downloaded them and will have a look at them. If I have any suggestions I will come back to you!

  2. Albert Vermeer

    Henny, thanks for sharing the building blocks with others. I have downloaded them and sometime I will use them.

  3. Ey… Where is the Cost benefit cash flow stream? Is the only thing I really miss…

    Thank you very much anyway!

  4. Wow excel, would you mind if I link to this from my blog?

  5. Henny, These building blocks are making it a lot simpler. Thanks for these templates

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