A helping aid to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

PRINCE2 Manual supporting study tabs.

During several of my PRINCE2 training classes I saw attendees struggle with the PRINCE2 manual. It’s a 326 page document which many, many details. Having tabs in the manual, can make your life a little bit easier if you have to answer a question about e.g. the Project brief and within a split second you can open the book on the page describing the composition of the Project Brief. Or answer a question about threat responses. Where can I find the Risk Theme? People were creative and I have seen them working with post-its or plastic indices. I thought that it must be possible to create small tabs, which must be glued on the right places in the manual. After some try-outs I created tabs for all the management products, the themes, processes, principles and tailoring. If you print them on a sticker A4 than you only have to cut them out of the paper and stick them to the manual. To make your life even more easier I asked OGC, with a recommendation from Andy Murray, the lead author of the PRINCE2 manual, ‘Would be a great add-on!’ if it was possible to include this page in the manual and put on the correspondent pages a place marker for the tabs. At the end they said ‘We see this as a separate product and not a direct add-on to the PRINCE2 manual.’ A pity, but what about the Dutch PRINCE2 User Group? I spoke to Ruud Peltzer and he was directly very enthusiastic. He organized the funding and production and now it’s possible to order those tabs via your ATO or via the www.bpug.nl. Enjoy using the tabs and I hope it will help you to pass the PRINCE2 practitioner exam. If you have recommendations please let me know.

PRINCE2 Manual tabs A4 PDF

Cut every tab, stick, fold and stick/glue at the corresponding pages. The manual’s frontpage shows possible positions at the top or right hand side of the manual. The get a perfect result it’s easier to work from right to left and from the back to the front.

On request of one of my readers I created one with only black letters. see: PRINCE2 Manual tabs A4 (black)

8 responses to “A helping aid to pass the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam

  1. Hi Henny

    I think what you have done is very clever
    Can you tell me how this works, do we buy from you or do we print in existing speacial sticky paper?


    • Hi Frank,
      You can print on (sticker) paper but then you have to use a scissor. You could also use the official version published by the Dutch PUG (scissor not needed).
      You can order these tabs via the Dutch PRINCE2 User Group. It will be announced on http://www.bpug.nl in two weeks time.
      Best regards,

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  3. Ik probeer de tabs te bestellen via de http://bpug.nl/prince2/tabblad-manual.html site. Na het formulier ingevuld te hebben en op de knop verstuur gedrukt te hebben, lijkt er niets te gebeuren. Ik krijg ook geen mail ter bevestiging dat ik een bestelling heb gedaan.
    Heb je enig idee of er aandacht aan de bestelling wordt besteed?
    Zo, nee heb je enig idee hoe ik dan aan het tabblad kan komen? Ik ben op zoek naar de Nederlandse versie.

  4. hennyportman

    I received a question how to stick/position the tabs into the manual. If you look at the picture of the manual (bottom/middle of the A4 sticker page) you see some colored bars. These bars represent the tabs and gives the position. There are several colored groups:
    – roles and responsibilities: orange (place on pages 275 – 269); At the right side of the pages, start from bottom to top
    – the management products: green (place on pages 261 – 235); At the right side of the pages, start from bottom to top
    – tailoring: black (place on page 215); At to top side of the pages, top/right
    – the processes: blue (place on pages 205 – 113); At to top side of the pages, start right from the black tab and then to the left
    – the themes: yellow (place on pages 101 – 21); At to top side of the pages, start from right till left
    – the principles: red (place on page 11); left from the themes

    The easiest way of placing the tabs, is if you work from the back of the manual till the front. Then you will always see where you have to stick the next one.

    Take for example the green tabs (on the left side of the A4 sticker page). If you look for the tab ‘Work Package’ position this one on the right sight of page 261, fold it so it stick also at the backside of the page (262). And than you can take the next one ‘Risk Register’ and position it next to the previous one on page 261. Risk Management Strategy on page 259 etc.

  5. Daily register is now daily log.
    In case you want to update it 😉

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