PRINCE2 in Practice: Acceptance Criteria building block update

In my book ‘PRINCE2 in practice’ I described a free format page to explain the acceptance criteria (Success criteria). This gave some confusion and that was the reason why I changed the layout into a more structured layout.

Definition of the acceptance criteria according to PRINCE2:
A prioritized list of criteria that the product must meet before the customer will accept it, i.e. measurable definitions of the attributes, required for the set of products to be acceptable to key stakeholders.

This template can help you to explain the current level of these criteria before the project and the needed acceptance level before the final product/project will be handed over to the organization.
Not every topic (criteria) will be important. To show the priority you can make use of the MoSCoW principle (see first column). Each acceptance criterion is rated as either M: Must have, S: Should have, C: Could have (nice to have), W: Won’t have. All the ‘Must have’ and ‘Should have’ acceptance criteria should be mutually achievable.
You can find the complete article about this building block template update in the Box folder ‘Prince2 in practice’, name: PP2 EN Building block (Acceptance criteria).

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