PRINCE2 2009 Edition Quick Reference Card

Dear all, I am happy to announce a new small booklet from my hand, the PRINCE2 2009 Edition Quick Reference Card.
* Summary of 2009 PRINCE 2 approach;
* Sturdy, easy to carry booklet with Quick Reference Cards based on PRINCE2 2009 Edition;
* Gives you the possibility to get, in one glance, familiar with the specifics of PRINCE2 edition 2009: the Themes, the Principles and its Process Model;
* Contains the complete PRINCE2 Edition 2009 Process schemes (complete scheme and a tailoring example), PRINCE2 Edition 2009 Management Product Model, Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment and more;
* Clever fold out with tabs for each subject;
* Printed on water proof material: it withstands coffee stains, etc.;
* Endorsed by PRINCE User GROUP NL; Ideal for training purposes

Just to give you an idea a sneak preview of the Management Product model:

Bestellen:PRINCE2 2009 Edition Quick Reference Card

4 responses to “PRINCE2 2009 Edition Quick Reference Card

  1. Henny,

    Via de PUG kreeg ik je Quick Reference Card.
    Mijn complimenten, ziet er prima en zeer praktisch uit.
    Ik hoop dat er ook nog een NL-versie komt

    Met vriendelijke groet,


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  3. Is this book in English – do you know where I can buy this and the tabs in the UK? Thanks Henry

    • Dear Sophia,
      The QRC is available in many bookstores. The tabs can be ordered by the Dutch Best Practice User Group.
      Best Regards

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