PRINCE2 in practice: buildingblock update

Last year the building block approach was used in more than 100 projects. Based on this experience (lessons) I have updated the building block templates. In several articles I already described some new or updated building blocks like the Quality Plan and the Benefits Review Plan. You can find the building block template update in the Box folder ‘Prince2 in practice’, name: PP2 EN (building block template). Please give me your lessons when using these building blocks

2 responses to “PRINCE2 in practice: buildingblock update

  1. Hi Henny
    This chart (building blocks) is a great idea
    I would like to be able to post a link from the Belgian User Group

  2. Hi Frank,

    Good to hear. Feel free to post a link and ask your members what they think about this building block approach. It makes a project manager’s life much more effective and efficient. Now a project manager can really start managing their project instead of sitting behind their PC producing extensive documents who probably nobody wants to read because of the size.

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