PRINCE2 in Practice: Benefits Review Plan building block

To build the End Project Report we use several building blocks from the PID like the business case and the latest storyboard information. The business case will be updated with actual data from the final stage. At this moment we have the Recap and Lessons building blocks to evaluate the project and the Follow-on action recommendations building block to complete the End Project Report. What was missing in the current documentation is the Benefits Review Plan building block. Conform PRINCE2 this Benefits Review Plan has to be created during Initiating a Project and could be updated during Closing a Project. I will replace the non Financial benefits building block with this Benefits Review Plan building block.

Composition of this building block:
(non) Financial Benefits: scope of the Benefits Review Plan covering what benefits are to be measured
Quantification (KPI): what to measure
Who is accountable: Individual who is accountable for the expected benefits
When to achieve: when can the (non) Financial Benefit be measured
Resources needed to carry out review: identifies the skills or individuals who will be needed to carry out the review
Baseline measures: Baseline measures from which the improvements will be calculated
How will the performance of the project’s products (deliverables) be reviewed: description

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