Book review: ‘The Choice’ by Eli Goldratt

41fPNZZDwTL._SL500_SX85_A new book from the writer of ‘The Goal’. In this book ‘The Choice’, Goldratt presents again his thought-provoking approach. This time through several conversations between Eli Goldratt and his daughter Efrat and in between reports from Eli Goldratt to the Goldratt Group. He uses these reports, Lessons reports in PRINCE2 terms, to foster their culture of critically evaluating how to do better. Goldratt exhorts his readers to examine and reassess their lives and business practices by cultivating a different perspective and a clear new vision. Do you think every conflict can be removed? Is every situation, no matter how complex it initially looks, exceedingly simply? Can every situation be substantially be improved? Is there always a win-win solution. These and many more questions will be explained. This book will help you to understand his approach in finding breakthrough ideas and to take full responsibility for your life.

One response to “Book review: ‘The Choice’ by Eli Goldratt

  1. People resist change! Really? Check this out…

    Script: Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt

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