Prince2 in Practice

oms_prince2_inpractice-lrI am happy to announce that my Dutch book De praktische Prince2 is translated into English and published by Van Haren Publishing.

– This book is meant for everyone who has anything to do with project management. It is intended for:
· the line manager who wants to bring about change and base a temporary organization on it;
· the head of the Project Management Office who is looking for handles to create professional tools and templates;
· the project manager who has adopted the PRINCE2® theory and now wants to apply this theory in practice.
– But the book is also meant for experienced project managers who wish to improve their relationship with their executive, and project managers who want to manage instead of getting bogged down in the filling in of endless documents and templates. This book is to be used particularly as a reference book.
– Based on PRINCE2 Edition 2009.

There are many publications on PRINCE2. Most of these publications describe the theory of PRINCE2. This book however deals with a practical approach for formal reports: how can be achieved that PRINCE2 works better in practice? The existing PRINCE2 report templates cannot be used easily.

Of course the process approach in PRINCE2 remains viable, but in this book the PRINCE2 documents are the key. The reader gets a practical help for implementing PRINCE2. This helps project managers and project executives to manage and control in an efficient manner.

You can find an example of the templates in the Box folder ‘Prince2 in practice’. Be aware that these templates must be adjusted to the needs of your own organization. I also take the freedom to adjust the templates if I see opportunities to improve. Based on a presentation of the author Michiel van der molen of the book PRINCE2 in de praktijk, 7 valkuilen en 100 tips I changed e.g. the Quality plan building block to include a product-reviewer matrix. It now shows who approves on behave of the senior User or senior Supplier the products.


4 responses to “Prince2 in Practice

  1. Zijn er nog andere verschillen tussen de engelse en de nederlandse versie, behalve de taal en uitgever?

    • hennyportman

      There are no differences between the English version and the Dutch version (second print), and are based on Prince2 version 2009. The first print of the Dutch version is based on Prince2 version 2009.

  2. I would like to express my pleasure in reading this book titled “PRINCE2 in Practice”. PRINCE2 is a very structured methodology, most people found it “A good concept but difficult to implement”. If something that people find it too difficult to use, there will be a certain degree of resistance. Even if they use it, that may just be a formality, fill in the blanks to satisfy the boss attitude. Your book really makes anyone, including experienced project managers finding it easy to use, without a doubt, it will be a first step towards making project management works in the already hectic “Triple Constraints” project environment.

    I have been working over 30 years in project environment, and originally from Canada practicing PMI’s project management approach. I found your contribution really make project management towards a “repeatable process” rather than “one time affair”. This is a wonderful ‘Starter kit’ for anyone who wants to use PRINCE2.


    Francis Hung, Managing Director


    Apollo Consulting Group

  3. Vijaya Avula

    This book organized very nicely and a person with minimal knowledge wishing to apply this, I would strongly say that this book really makes their job simple and easy. Even this book can be used for PRINCE2 Exam reading especiallly for Practitioner exam. Thanks Henny, this book helped me extensively.
    Thnk you,

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